Branded Map Icons

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Branded Map Icons

🌿 Unleash Your Dispensary’s Unique Identity – Stand Out on the Nationwide Dispensary Map!🌿


🚀 Maximize Visibility – Integrate Your Logo Onto The Map!

Bring your brand to life on our directory by incorporating your logo into the map icon. Showcase your unique identity to the cannabis community, making it easier for customers to spot your dispensary amidst the myriad of options. Your logo becomes a beacon, guiding customers straight to your premium offerings.

📍 Stand Out with Two Icon Sizes – Your Choice, Your Impact!

  1. Standard Icon: Effortless and sophisticated, the standard-size map branded icon guides enthusiasts to your door while maintaining a sleek, professional look.
  2. Bold Icon: Go big, go bold! Amplify your presence with the large map icon that demands attention. Ensure your dispensary is impossible to overlook, making a lasting impression on every cannabis explorer. Choose the Large Map Icon and Dominate the Scene!

Ready to make waves in the cannabis community? Your dispensary deserves to be seen, remembered, and celebrated. Embrace the opportunity to go big with our large map icon and witness the surge in foot traffic, brand recognition, and customer loyalty.

Map Icon Examples:

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