Dispensary Advantage Capabilities

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$36.00 on the 4th of each month

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Getting Started

🌿 Unlock the your dispensary listing with our Activation Bundle today!!


πŸš€ Activate your account and get your Nationwide brand on the right track!

  • Establishment of a store account with Nationwide Dispensaries
  • Brand Logo prominently featured on the store homepage
  • Brand Logo displayed on dispensary directory tiles for increased visibility
  • Inclusion of your phone number on the tile and map for easy contact
  • Removal of the “Upgrade Listing” button from the homepage, ensuring a clean and professional appearance

✨ Unlock the full potential of your dispensary with our Activation Bundle today!

Activation Bundle Examples:

Branded Map Icons

🌿 Unleash Your Dispensary’s Unique Identity – Stand Out on the Nationwide Dispensary Map!🌿


πŸš€Β Maximize Visibility – Integrate Your Logo Onto The Map!

Bring your brand to life on our directory by incorporating your logo into the map icon. Showcase your unique identity to the cannabis community, making it easier for customers to spot your dispensary amidst the myriad of options. Your logo becomes a beacon, guiding customers straight to your premium offerings.

πŸ“ Stand Out with Two Icon Sizes – Your Choice, Your Impact!

  1. Standard Icon: Effortless and sophisticated, the standard-size map branded icon guides enthusiasts to your door while maintaining a sleek, professional look.
  2. Bold Icon: Go big, go bold! Amplify your presence with the large map icon that demands attention. Ensure your dispensary is impossible to overlook, making a lasting impression on every cannabis explorer.Β Choose the Large Map Icon and Dominate the Scene!

Ready to make waves in the cannabis community? Your dispensary deserves to be seen, remembered, and celebrated. Embrace the opportunity to go big with our large map icon and witness the surge in foot traffic, brand recognition, and customer loyalty.

Map Icon Examples:

Search Priority

πŸš€ Stand Out from the Crowd! Get Priority Search Placement on the Map and Map Ledger!


Are you tired of blending into the background? Ready to put your dispensary ahead of the competition, quite literally? Look no further – our premium dispensary directory offers a unique opportunity to skyrocket your visibility and leave the competition in the dust!

πŸ—ΊοΈ Map Priority for Unbeatable Visibility

Picture this: A potential customer opens our comprehensive dispensary directory, eagerly searching for the best cannabis experience in town. With our exclusive Map Priority feature, your dispensary is not just listed – it’s prominently displayed closer to their location, catching the eye of every eager seeker. Be the first they see, and be the first they choose!

✨ Benefits of Map Priority:

  • πŸ“ˆ Increased Foot Traffic: Secure your spot at the forefront of the map, guiding customers straight to your door.
  • 🌐 Enhanced Online Presence: Boost your online visibility and attract customers both near and far.
  • 🌟 Outshine Competitors: Rise above the competition and establish your dispensary as the go-to destination.

🌐 Choose Your Distance:

  1. Local Buzz (1.5 Mile Radius): Dominate your neighborhood and become the local favorite.
  2. Citywide Allure (3 Mile Radius): Extend your reach and capture the attention of customers farther away.Β Get Ahead of the Competition!

Ready to elevate your dispensary’s visibility and attract a wave of new customers?Β In the fast-paced world of cannabis commerce, being a step ahead is crucial.Β Sign up for Map Priority and Map Ledger today and position your business for success!

Search Priority Examples:

Menu Connect

🌿 Drive More Sales with Seamless Menu Integration! 


Are you looking to boost your dispensary’s online sales and attract ready-to-buy consumers? Look no further! Nationwide Dispensaries now offers a game-changing feature: Menu Integration.

πŸ“ˆ Unlock the Power of Menu-to-Menu Connection:

  1. Seamless Navigation: Connect your dispensary’s menu button on our directory directly to the menu on your website. Say goodbye to navigation hassles and hello to a streamlined shopping experience.

  2. High-Quality Traffic: Drive high-intent, ready-to-buy customers straight to your website. These visitors are primed and ready to make a purchase, boosting your conversion rates and revenue.

  3. Improved SEO: Elevate your dispensary’s online presence and search engine ranking by directing traffic with a link to your website. Google and other search engines love organic traffic, and your website will reap the benefits.

πŸš€ Benefits for Your Dispensary:

  • Increased Sales: By connecting menus, you’re directing customers who are already interested in your products straight to your online store, boosting sales.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Provide a seamless shopping journey for your customers, making it easier for them to explore and purchase your products.

  • Stay Competitive: Maintain Your Competitive Edge: In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, staying one step ahead of the competition is essential. Menu-to-Menu Integration brings customers directly to your doorstep.

πŸ”’ How It Works:

  1. Connect Your Menu: Link your website’s menu button to our directory listing’s menu button seamlessly.

  2. Instant Benefits: Watch as your website traffic increases with high-intent consumers eager to explore and purchase your products.

  3. Join Nationwide Dispensaries: Take the first step towards driving more sales and providing an unbeatable shopping experience for your customers. Harness the potential of Menu Integration and watch your dispensary thrive!

🌐 Ready to Experience the Menu-to-Menu Advantage?

Add Your Google Reviews

🌟Showcase your excellence and boost customer trust with our exclusive feature – Google Reviews Integration on your dispensary homepage! 🌟🌟🌟🌟


πŸ”’Β  Feature Highlights:

  1. Google Reviews on Your Homepage: Display your Google reviews prominently on your dispensary’s homepage, allowing potential customers to see firsthand the positive experiences shared by your satisfied clientele.

  2. Map & Map Ledger Integration: Your dispensary’s rating will not only be visible on the homepage but will also be showcased on our comprehensive map and map ledger. Stand out in the crowd and attract more foot traffic with a stellar rating right on the map!

  3. Filter for Success: Worried about negative reviews? No problem! Nationwide Dispensaries offers an option to filter reviews, ensuring that only the best and most positive feedback takes the spotlight. Let your customers see the cream of the crop first and leave a lasting impression.

πŸš€ Benefits for Your Dispensary:

  • Build Trust: Gain the trust of potential customers by showcasing your positive Google reviews right on your homepage.

  • Increased Visibility: Stand out on the map and map ledger, drawing more attention from customers in your area.

  • Boost Conversion: Positive reviews are a powerful tool in converting potential customers into loyal patrons. Let your reputation precede you!

Ready to shine in the cannabis community? Elevate your dispensary with Nationwide Dispensaries and let your Google reviews speak volumes. Sign up today andΒ experience the positive impact on your dispensary’s online presence, customer trust, and overall success!

Google Review Examples;

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